Hey beauties!

A couple of days ago as I was driving to work, I saw something lying on the path ahead of me. I put it off as the usual ‘Lagos main road dirt’. But when I got close and saw it clearly, my jaw dropped, like literarily. Nothing prepared me for what was before me. I saw a woman lying on the ground, the lower half of her body was gone with no sight of the rest of her body. The image kept playing in my head till I got to work. This lady probably left her house for work in the early hours of the day with plans, hopes and expectations. I said the shortest prayer: ” Thank you God for life“.

We wake up each day and go about our activities like it’s a normal thing or like we earned it, forgetting it’s not by our own will or strength but by the grace of God. I know quite alright I’m guilty of forgetting to pray every morning before rushing out to work or do one thing or the other but all you really need to do is say “Thank You God for another day”. You don’t need to wake up and start firing prayers against your enemies following you from your village and all sorts. Thank you is really all He needs.
Say thank you today. It doesn’t take anything away from you. Have a good day!

“‘Thank You Jesus”. Have you said it today?

Till next time….! Xoxoxo

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