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I’ve not been as consistent as I would love to, because I’m prepping for my exams which come up in October. I plan to be as frequent as I possibly can once Its over.

One of my favorite bloggers Tosin of Africanismcosmopolitan created this tag for faith-based bloggers. Well, hers was on her YouTube channel which you can check HERE. So I decided to do mine because, why not?

So basically there are 10 questions in all. I’ll just go about answering them. Fell free to tag your favorite faith bloggers to join in also!

1. When did you give your life to Christ?

Funny story, I was born into a Muslim home so I was a Muslim for the first bit of my life. Then ,my mum started going to redeem church and she’d always literally force us all to go for the redeem convention. So this faithful night sometime in 2010, as a matter of fact I was sleeping which is what I and my sisters did most of the times at this conventions. So there was an altar call for teens who wanted to give their life’s  to Christ and my mum woke us up with nice slaps to run to the front although we didn’t even know what we were gong for.

2. How did your family receive your conversion?

My dad is a very liberal man. He has never been one to force his religion down your throat so I can say he took it quite okay. So far I believed in what I was going into, he is fine with is.

3. When is your favorite time to fellowship with God?

I’d have to say in the night right before I sleep. I always just wake up and go about my daily activities sometimes forgetting to pray, so the night is when I have to talk to my father.

4. How often do you pray?

I pray every single day. Sometimes in the morning or night-time or maybe even during the day when I’m having a tough day, I just say a word of prayer or I just feel the need to thank him.

5. What is your favorite book/books of the bible?

This is a tough one, because it’s not so much of the book for me but some particular chapters in them. But I would say Psalm.

6. What church do you attend?

Davids Christian Center. The best church in the world! Lol. Check it out HERE. As a matter of fact, we are celebration our 20 years anniversary for the whole of this month filled with various activities. You’re invited. Instagram : @dcclagos

7. How would you describe your relationship with God.

It’s possible to describe it ? Well mine is indescribable. He’s my father, creator, savior, waymaker, door opener… he’s my all in all!  I’m not nearly close to where I want to be in my relationship with God, but growing daily.

8. What challenge/challenges have you faced on your walk with God?

Keeping up with reading the bible. This is my greatest challenge ever! It’s a work in progress though. Also, having friends that don’t believe and I don’t even mean Muslims. I mean the ones who actually don’t believe in God. It really saddens me. I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to get through to them and that is another serious challenge.

9. What are your spiritual goals.

To get to a level where my faith is so strong that no matter the situation, I wont doubt Gods word.   Also to read the whole bible! God so help me!

10. Advice for a new convert.

Your relationship with God is between you and God. Everyone has their personal revelation of God. Every one is a baby christian at some point, so don’t be intimidated by people who seem to be “highly spiritual”. Read the bible as often as you can, but not only that, read spiritual books also, they really help. Get a devotional you can read every morning, it helps set your day in tune.

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to tag other faith bloggers/youtubers to do this tag.

have an amazing day,

Mo. xx

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