Hey everyone.
I hope you guys are all fine and having a great Sunday. Well for me, I’m cuddled up under my blanket and dealing with a blocked nose. The rate at which this weather switched up is alarming. It was literally overnight. It was Wednesday night, I was reading for my paper the next day and my room just became cool. I even turned off the fan but it was still cold.
The next morning I woke up and everywhere was soo foggy and dry. That’s when it’s occurred to me that it was probably that time of the year.

I’m having a love-hate relationship with this weather because immediately I realized it was harmattan, I knew I was going to be dealing with a blocked nose, dry lips and the likes.
But on the Bright side, I won’t be sweating on my face so my makeup would stay longer and look better so Yass!

Also, my exams are draining me. I’ve had too much of those moments where ‘you just sit on your bed and wonder why you didn’t drop out of school when you had the chance’ just in one week. Anyways, I have just two papers to go and I’ll be home on Friday. I’ve already started planning my Christmas in my head and mentally picking outfits for events I don’t even know are happening. Lol.

So if you have any events or Christmas party or get together. Holla at your girl!

Have a good day.

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