Hey Guys!

How are you today ? Hopefully thriving through 2017 in style…

The first time I wrote a ‘currently I am’ post HERE, I intended for it to be a very frequent post where I’d keep you guys updated on whats going on with me but I never got to it.

But no excuses or stories this time, let me get right to it!

Currently I am…

Wearing: A red peplum top on a black skirt because I have a church program today and the uniform for ushers is a peplum top on a black skirt.


Wishing: I could just appear in any country of my choice. I MUST be a tourist by force.


Determined: To accomplish every single thing I wrote in my new year resolution for this year HERE and even much more


Craving: An Iphone 7 plus because the camera is all I need in this life of sin! Oh and yoghurt and granola. I really need to pay Caspers and Gambinis a visit one of this days.


Excited to: Be attending the Shopping party for Frankie & Co’s FCO Denim line this Saturday!


Anticipating: The worship service in church today with Eben!


Happy about: How much I’ve grown and where I am today. I’m definitely loving myself more and more.


Appreciating: The grace of God over my life and family and this amazing  year.


Irritated by: The bus drivers in this country and their mad way of driving as well as some private drivers.


Inspired by: Everyone out there doing what I want to do.


Planning: To get myself a new weave but “hair is cost!”


Loving: The croissant I get from this new bakery close to my office, it even has raisin on it!! Its has easily become from everyday breakfast.


Regretting:  Nothing, just learning lessons and moving on with life.


Reading: This short write up on “How to study the bible” I got from one of my blogger friends.


Listening to: Mama by Mayorkun and Wizkids new album. So good!


So, there you have it guys, what I’m currently up to.

What are you currently up to ?

Have a wonderful day.



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