Hey lovelies, whats good ?

I was going through one of my fellow blogger turned friend’s blog Ifeoma Amadi of WhoWhatFab. (Hey girl!) And I stumbled on a post she tagged “currently I am”. Where she just wrote basically about what was going on with her at the moment. I decided to do mine because I really liked it. So, here goes…

Currently I am…

Wearing : My one nation red jalabmia which is what I wear to class almost too often because I really can’t be bothered to wear any other thing when in school.

Admiring : ‘haunteonlife’ of www.haunteonlife.com I just love her style and the way she always just slings her hair to the back.

Wishing : I didn’t have to be in school for this course. The environment is just killing my ‘graduate lifestyle’ vibe that I’m supposed to be living.

Determined To : Pass the 6 courses I’m writing in my exam at once. So help me God.

Craving : The granola, strawberry and yoghurt I had at Caspers and Gambinis when I was home. Its HEAVEN!

Excited To: get the bunch of makeup and cloths I ordered recently that my friend is bringing back for me this week. I’ve been literally counting down the days till she gets back. I’d be sure to do a haul when I get them.

Feeling : Like I’m not getting enough sleep! What’s life without sleep.

Anticipating : Going for the Bloggers brunch organized by Thebloggerspoint happening on Saturday and also October 13th, which is the day of my last paper so I can finally be free of this school for life!

Happy about : The fact that I’m blogging again and august is going as I expected, I just got good news!

Appreciating : The grace of God over my life, family and my amazing friends.

Irritated By : My gum, apparently I’m growing my wisdom tooth or whatever and its killing me. I can’t even laugh or talk well. kmt.

Inspired By : My pastor because he makes serving the lord way to cool and Fun.

Planning : To take my blog very seriously and definitely pamper myself after this exam.

Loving : My perfume Si by Giorgio Armani and my moco de gorilla snot gel because it’s the only product that actually lays my edges.

Regretting : That my phone is 16gb. It’s the worst thing ever, literally everyday I get the “storage is almost full” pop up message.

Unsure about : whether to take out my braids and go back to my natural hair or nah.

Reading : My notes lol, exam is fast approaching so I’m trying to be as serious as I can be.

Listening to : Way Maker by Sinach because the song is just everything,  Pana by Tekno… I don’t even know why I love this songs but I just do lol! and This kind luv by Patoranking feat. Wizkid because well my name is in the song and its a really good one as well.

So, there you have it guys, what I’m currently up to. I’ll definitely do more of this kind of post in the near future. What are you currently up to ?

Have a wonderful day.




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