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Whats up ? Hope ya’ll are good. I’m chillin chillin.

Everyone seems to be in love with chokers now,  but I’ve actually always been a big fan of them. I was even just about to order some and I just thought “What the heck, I can make this!” Lol…   Little detour : I got home on Thursday and finally decided to rearrange my bedside table and behold hidden treasuresss! I found this little lace material and the first thing that came to my mind was “this would be lovely as a choker” oh and I also found my camera battery charger after searching for it for a billion years.

Back to why we are here, The lace choker and bracelet



1. Lace material or any other material of your choice

2. Scissors

3.   Needle and thread

4. Hook and loop /plaster


Take the material round your neck and wrist to see where it fits the size of your neck and wrist or you could also just take a measuring tape round your neck to get the size and use the measurements you get on the material.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



Cut the material to the size of your neck and wrist and also a tiny piece of the plaster




check the plaster piece you cut to see if it fits okay with the material. If it’s too big, cut the sides.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Step 4

Sew the pieces of plaster you cut to both end of the material, making sure you sew one of each on opposite ends of the material so it can close completely (Very important). If you don’t, when you want to close the choker round your neck, the ends will be protruding.


This is what I mean by opposite ends in the image below. If you notice on the left side, the plaster is facing outwards but on the right side its the opposite. So it can close perfectly round your neck.



This is how the back should look if done correctly



Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


The most annoying thing happened when I went in search of the plaster. I got to the market and went to meet the first shoe maker I could find because I know it’s something they use frequently. I asked this silly mallam where I could get it from, after taking him forever to figure out what I was talking about, he finally brings it out and charges me #100 naira for a very little piece, instead of telling me to go to the store inside the market. So, I tell him that what he gave me wouldn’t be enough for what I want to make and a little boy sitting beside him offers to show me where to get it. To my surprise a whole roll of it was only #7o naira!! Best believe I went back to him to give him a piece of my mind.

Anyways, on getting to where I got the roll of plaster I saw different lovely colors of velvet material and in my mind I was just dancing and screaming “I want that one and that one and oh also that one, I want it allll” LOL. So, of course I made them into chokers also.

image image

What do you think ??

Have an amazing day!

Mo. xx

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