Happy Independence Day Guys!

I’m a little too excited. This is the 3rd Thursday in a row that I’ve not had classes because of one thing or the other. The first Thursday after I resumed was “Babcock University day”, second was sallah break and today, well we all know what today is. So yeah I’m happy. ^_^


Last Saturday, I was home for the sallah break and I decided to go and see “perfect guy”. By the way, that movie was sickkk. You all need to watch it.


I was having one of those days when you think you look good, so you bombard your phone with selfies. (P.S it wasn’t a thought, I knew I looked good). ^_^



But there’s this particular one or set, that you just keep looking at and you’re like “wawu” “is this mee?” “why so foinee” “you go girl!”, even if I had my signature pose in all the pictures. Lol. I was having one of those moments this day. So this post is random. I just really love this set of pictures


I hope we are all have a wonderful Independence Day. Xx

Dress: Jumia
Neckpiece: Jumia
Sandals: New look

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