Hey guys.

How are we today ? Hopefully all good. Well, I’m fantastic. Why, you might ask ? Because I’m home! Yes I’m home. Just for some days sadly. Oh well, one more year *whoop*

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I saw this wrap dress on someone, while I was doing my usual Instagram stalking. It looked so nice on her and she has this small waist and hips thing going on for her so yeah she’s a hottie. So I decided to try to make mine. I went to Lagos market to get fabrics and I found this amazing one. It’s supposed to be a normal chiffon material but its stretchy and it’s not transparent.

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So I got it, I got two materials actually but the other isn’t stretchy but the print it very nice as well. I was very skeptical about giving it to my tailor. You know how we all have that very good tailor but is quite pricy and we have the other one we just give stuff to cause we don’t really care about them. Well I gave it to the not so good one.

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Bottom line, she did an amazing job.  I know how scared I was the day I was to collect it but when I tried it on, I couldn’t stop smiling. And I realized that it could be worn as a KIMONO. Well, all I did really was tie the two sides of the wrap dress loosely inside it and viola! you have yourself a kimono. It still looked quite good.

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If you need directions to where I got the material, I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. But I’m very sure it’s on the same road as tfc. You just need to walk down a bit and you’ll get to where they sell fabrics.

SHOES : jumia

JEANS : topshop

BAG: newlook

Have a good day! xoxoxo

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