Hey Yall!

How’s your week going so far?? Mine has been very busy, I have a lot of things to get done at work but I’ll survive.

This is just a short post showing you guys what I wore today to work. I’ve been really really really loving stripes lately. Like wear it everyday kinda love. Yeah, That! And because of what I do, it’s not a job where you sit in front of a laptop all the time, so I  have to be up checking one product sample or the other so its easier to be in comfortable clothing i.e jeans. So I decided to go with this striped shirt and mum jeans!





What I’m wearing;

TOP: Topshop

JEANS: Thrifted

SHOES: Lagos market

BAGS :Debrasgrace

What do you think ? Feel free to drop a comment!

Till next time Lovelies.



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  1. Really lovely…We should go shopping sometime ???. Anyway, I am Dumebi…I am a gospel music fanatic and I love to study!!!!

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