Hello Guys!

How are you all ? I’m hoping all fine. I was going to type a whole essay stating my excuses for not posting anything in forever but I’ll spare you all that. Lol. I’ve basically just been trying to balance my life after school.

This post is more of a testimony that a post even. As we all know, I went back to school for 3months after graduating to undergo classes for a professional exam. I remember vividly the first week of classes, I and my friends kept saying we’d pass all 6 papers. As at then, it was really just us speaking what we hoped and prayed would happen. We kept to it throughout the 3 months, not once did I say anything other than “all 6”.

The exams started, first paper gone.. second paper and to be very honest it wasn’t looking very possible again. Even after I finished my papers, I was still saying all 6 but my faith was beginning to shake plus the fact that practically everyone around me was being negative. But my friends, my close friends, kept telling me to just keep calm that it can’t be that bad. I got home and just removed my mind of the exam.

Some days ago, I got a call from one of my lecturers who is also a fellow of the institute and I was immediately wondering the reason for the call. He had called to congratulate me on passing my exams! This same exam I had almost lost all hope on. If someone had told me that I’d had passed all my papers, I would have just laughed it off. But here I was on the phone with my lecturer, him telling me how proud he was of me. I couldn’t help myself, I just started tearing up and thanking God. I can never get over how happy my parents were. Lol! I called my dad to tell him first and before I could even get through to my mom, he already called her and told her.

So yeah, Latest Chattered Banker in town! LOL. Guyssss, GOD IS GOOD! If I never had an encounter to actually testify to how good he is, THIS IS IT!

There’s nothing more powerful than speaking what you want into existence, even when clearly, in reality, it is not possible!

I hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two from this post.

Have an eventful Week.

Mo. xx

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  1. Congratulations Mo ??? TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY. It’s always amazing when God shows up for us in our storms even when we lose faith, he comes to us. I pray he continues to show up in our lives. Amen

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