My name is Modupe Arowolo and I’m a SHOPAHOLIC . This is where the crowd responds “Welcome Modupe”….

It all started when I discovered what online shopping was, like I knew I had the tendencies cause I had been a usual customer to most, if not all of the clothing stores around my house. Its one thing to know about online shopping and another to find out that they ship to Nigeria. It was like someone legit answered all my prayers, because to be honest for someone that has been out of the country, I know how much these things are sold. Imagine walking into a clothing store, and seeing a primark top or dress which still has the £5 price tag on it being sold for 7500. So you can imagine my joy when I found out about online shopping.

Enough of the stories, back to my addiction. I can’t recall the amount of times I’ve emptied my account because of shopping. There’s not one time you would go through my phone and not find screenshot of things I want to buy or things I just bought from an online store. My mum thinks it’s an actual problem. she always goes “O le ri nkan ko ma ra” ( you cant see something and not buy it). Most times I say to myself I’m not buying anything, I want to save. It never gets past 2 weeks and I’m already filling my shopping cart again. I can bet I’ll be one of those girls who spends her whole salary on clothes.

I bought 4 shoes this summer and have nowhere to wear them to. I know I have  a problem, and here’s why; I don’t shop because I need more cloths or more shoes, it’s just the feeling of having something new. I have clothes I haven’t even worn since last summer and I still buy more almost every week. I get the chills when I see clothes that still have tags on them.


I have a strange feeling I might end up like Rebecca Bloomwood. You remember her? The girl from the movie “Confession of a shopaholic”. Becca really gets me, she understands the need to feed the shopping demon. I can see her giving me a thumps up and a pat on the back for a job (shop) well done. Let me give you a line or two about my fairy godmother Becca in case you haven’t met her. She basically shopped until she was in huge debt, A lot of intervention, pep talk, frozen debit card, job loss and almost ‘lost love’. Later, she makes good of her shopping addiction. Do you see what happened there? Silver lining fam!  “says Modupe as she tries to console herself” . So there you have it, you’ve met Becca.

I think the only solution to my problem is breaking my debit cards cause as long as I have them on me the shopping will never end. To be honest my card number and details are already crammed in my head, it wasn’t even intentional. Even when I’m broke to my last Naira, I always find a way to seduce my dad to give me more money. My case might actually require prayer or deliverance.

Definitely the reason why I decided to become a personal shopper / stylist.  I’ve not officially launched it yet but I’ll tell you guys. If we’ve spoken recently you’ll have probably heard me talk about it. I’ve been going on and on about it.

Some of my new babies. ^_^

P.S Allow me, my photography skills are on the low-low.









Till next time…! xoxoxo

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