You know how you just meet a guy yeah? and you’re “feeling him” so to speak. You’ve already pictured your wedding day, and what your kids would look like. You can already see people hating because your relationship is going to be the talk of the town, you maybe even find out that he is a Christian or Muslim.  Funny thing is, you might not even have spoken to this guy, it might be a distant crush. you are probably already living in your fantasy la laaa land with your prince charming, sipping tea in your castle.

Then, all of a sudden someone just says “he has a girlfriend” and you see yourself back to reality in a flash, you see your castle breaking down brick by brick. Why would you let me reach fantasy land before I’m told ? Plus its hardly every the guy that tells you, you’ll have to find out from someone else and start plotting your withdrawal tactics. Sometimes you’d even tell yourself that its a lie, that maybe they aren’t together anymore or people are  just hating cause You’ve found a sexy specimen. But it start pinching you that it might actually be true and you are not ready for any drama so you just let go.

This happened to me very recently, my castle broke down in seconds. So I was thinking, Shouldn’t there be a form of recognition or sign that says this person is taken, stay back, no go area!


And don’t even get me started on the fact that, a female that’s engaged to be married is expected to wear a ring everyday till she’s properly married and the guys get a free pass ? That is rant for another day. Back to what I was saying, if you are in a serious relationship or in any relationship at all, how do we know? what differentiates you from any other single person because not everyone is into the whole “let the whole world know we are together” thing. Most guys like their relationships lowkey.

Thoughts ?

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  1. Over the years I have learnt to limit my “fantasy” thoughts with my. Crush(s) to save me from headache. And for the differentiation aspect I wish there was a neon sign on foreheads showing relationship status hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Seriously there has to be a neon sign it something.I’ve been a victim..but like hazel milo said i have to limit my fantasy to save me from heartache .sometimes I tap myself and say “it’s not gonna happen mehn”

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