Once you’re in a relationship, you become the hottest cake, the fleekest girl… everyone  seems to wants you. Some even come with the “he is a player” ” what does he offer you that I can’t” lines. But it’s like as soon as  you’re single, you become weirdly nonexistent, like hello guys! I’m over here.. Just me being a SINGLE PRINGLE.

To be honest, sometimes in a relationship you feel choked. You need a break, you want to be “free” but after a while, you just start feeling alone, nobody to talk to… You look at your whatsapp and the only person you’re talking to is your sister or mum and the conversation is even dead. Your bbm is even worse, probably just people selling hair and cloths that are messaging you, to tell you they have new products. Like that’s what you want to hear *rolls eyes*

Plus, you’re the “female”, in this century it’s not normal for you to do the approaching, cause you’ll just be seen as thirsty or you’re forcing yourself on him and if he mistakenly has money, then you’re a gold-digger.  Lol you might even try to tell the guy “I like you” first. You know, trying to feel bold and he replies “I know” or laughs and licks his lips with an excruciatingly annoying smirk on his face…

What do you do

Girl! You embrace your single-dom.
Threat yourself right.
Go on a shopping spree, buy new shoes, get Peruvian hair.
Look good for “yourself”

When they are ready to come, they’ll come
Are you giving up ? NO
Are you doing the chasing ? NO
Are you looking good ? HELL YEAH!

I’ve come to realize that a  relationship is not something to be rushed into. If that happens you’ll just rush right out. You might be single for a long long while but embrace it girl! just keep living. Mr right will eventually come. Mostly when you’re not even expecting it.

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