Hey Guys,

How are we all today ? I’m hoping good!

I had an amazing time last Saturday. Why, you might ask ? I attended the bloggers brunch which was hosted by Thebloggerpoint and held at DuebyChefdish at Victoria Island, Lagos. (Remember when I was anticipating this event here ?) I met way too many wonderful bloggers like Ofure of Theblackrose, Valerie of Veefintion, Cassandra of Cassiedaves, Deola of deemako and many more. The event in general was a blast!

Short breakdown of my day…

I got to the venue sometime after 12pm and as I was driving in I could already see fellow bloggers in their beautiful floral outfits. The event started not too long afterwards with one of the organizers fashionbydaisy  of fashionbydaisy.com giving us a brief chat and then we went on to a little ice breaker game where we all got to know one another. Then after, we took a short break and the special guest finally arrived in person of Noble Igwe, founder and CEO of 360 Group. Immediately he got in, he told us he forgot to wear his wedding band so he had to put his left hand in his pocket through out. I just found that cute! #Relationshipgoalss! He spoke generally to us on how he got to where he is today, challenges he faced and what to look out for.

Some of the inspirations I got from what he said are:

  1. Make sure no one ignores you.
  2. Be significant, do something people will remember.
  3. Don’t forget where you’re coming from.
  4. Let poverty scare you.

Almost immediately after that, it was time for refreshments which I had lowkey been waiting for. Then, the best blogger award winners were announced. Not long after, the event came to an end. Before we all left, we were handed goody bags with a variety of products in it, we then gathered together for a group picture and went on our ways.









I took quite a lot of pictures. Lol. I remember one of the bloggers saying “You’ve been taking pictures since, let me take your picture too”

What I wore:

Top : Aliexpress

Pants : Boohoo

shoes: Missguided

Till next time!

Mo. xx


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