Hey Darlss,

I feel like every time I write a post, I’m apologizing for my absence. Lol. But, I am honestly sorry for my absence. I’ve had and still have soo much to do at work that all I want to do during the weekends is sleep and sleep. My social life is a joke, Lol social life? what is that!

So, as the title says, we are taking on the stripes trend today, Stripes have always been in vogue but as usual with fashion everything comes back refurbished, so stripes is back and better than it ever was. The trend is fun and especially for summer, there’s really no summer without stripes. And the fact that it can come in various colors and styles like mixed and match, horizontally or vertically ,makes its much more!

Although Blue and white stripes (which is my personal favorite HERE) seem to be making waves this season, the trend is a go to statement trend! Its different and yet fun!


What I’m wearing;

DRESS: Debrasgrace

SHOES: Debrasgrace

BAGS :Debrasgrace

HAT: Debrasgrace

What do you think ? Feel free to drop a comment!

Till next time Lovelies.



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