Hey Guysss!

Yes Yes, I’m home. Finally. Exams were overly stressful and school was suffocating. Whilst  in school, I was already lowkey planning for Christmas and how I’d Turnup to the fullest cause the break is quite short. keeping in mind that I have my final year project to do *laughs as self*  Anyways… I was at my friends room in school some days ago, telling her to take me along for any event or wedding she was attending this Christmas break.


She told me she had a friends brothers wedding to attend and coincidentally the girl walked in. We got talking and bonded over the love for my hair which I just bought from a friend and we got on to talking about the wedding. I immediately started planning what to wear to the wedding in my head. Intending to slay to the fullest.


The wedding was lovely, even the way the hall was decorated. It was all just beautiful. Although the traffic I faced to get there was on another level. Driving in Lagos can shorten your lifespan to be honest. When I eventually got there, I ate and ate and ate. They just kept bringing food, drinks and icecream with cake to my table and who am I to say No ?




And one with the girlss.


Yeah, my friend sells lovely weaves at affordables prices, you can check out her instagram account (MedileHairExtension – MHE).

Dress : Missguided

purse : Missguided

shoes : Gojane.

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