I was talking to my mum few days ago, and we randomly started talking about Christianity and dressing. She was telling me about how she saw this lady dressed like she was mourning all in the name of Christianity. she was putting on a black beret, black top and this long 1990s splitted black skirt according to my mum and apparently her hair even looked dirty and scruffy. she basically looked unkept. You need to have heard the way she described the woman, you could tell she was pained.

I still don’t know where people get the idea, that you have to be dressed in a dull (dead) way for you to be recognized as a christian. This is the 21th century guys, Wake up! No one is saying you should be dressed in a manner that isn’t decent but it also doesn’t mean you should look like a widow. I don’t know, but I feel like this is one of the reasons why people aren’t so hyped about the religion.

If you’re looking at it from afar, it just seems like punishment. That once you become a christian, you cant have fun anymore. Like its some form of bondage. And the whole don’t wear trousers thing, or don’t wear earrings ?? To be honest, if I wasn’t already a Christian ( and a proud one at that) I’d be discouraged if I saw all this as the requirements.

Its not written anywhere that because you dress like a widow or you don’t wear earrings or trousers, that you’re holier than the next person that does.

Just My Opinion… ^_^

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